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2019 Committees

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE: We serve a variety of diverse communities allowing our involvement as REALTORS® to be felt within each community. This committee will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating opportunities that promote and enhance the public image of the REALTOR®. ***Meet Monthly

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Are you interested in local issues that can impact the REALTOR® profession, housing and private property rights then you need to become involved in this committee. Under the direction of our Government Affairs Director, Heather Lunsford this committee discusses issues and advises the SNR Board of Directors. Invites speakers to address political issues. ***Meet Monthly

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Perhaps you are interested in the education being brought to our members and would like to see what you can do to help bring relevant classes to the membership. ***Meet Monthly

EVENTS – SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Like to plan events and/or parties and are good at it we need you! Whether it is assisting with the Installation, membership meetings, the Alyce McCracken Scholarship Golf Outing, Hope Fest or the many other events throughout the year. ***Meet Monthly

AWARD COMMITTEE: This committee will review and recommend their selection of candidates for REALTOR® of the quarter, the REALTOR® of the year, Rookie of year and the criteria for each category. They will also work on criteria for the Alyce McCracken Memorial Scholarship to be given to each year depending on economic conditions and fundraiser activities. ***Meet as needed

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL NETWORK: (YPN) YPN ia a platform to encourage and promote our younger professional to excel in their careers by pursuing leadership in the local, state and national associations. The YPN Committee also fosters opportunities for young members to become active in public policy discussions, advocates for the real estate industry and provide opportunities for community service and networking. ***Meet Monthly

PROPERY MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Property managers discuss issues relating to their business, evaluating and recommending programs and services to meet the needs of the members and perspective members active in Property Management.


BYLAWS & POLICY COMMITTEE: Review SNR bylaws ensure that they are in compliance with state and national guidelines. You will work closely with the SNR Board of Directors and the CEO on as needed basis.

GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE: Annual Training Required
***Appointed by the President

Membership on this committee requires Presidential approval as well as special training. As a member of grievance committee you will review all complaints, whether for unethical conduct or arbitration and decide whether the complaint should be referred to a hearing panel or dismissed.

***Members of this committee must have served on grievance.

The Professional Standards committee (hearing panel) conducts the arbitration and ethics hearings as appointed and render peer judgment based on the merits of all ascertainable facts. An alternative method is use of a mediator to handle disputes between REALTORS® and/or members of the public. If you are interested in learning to become a mediator this is the committee for you.

***Appointed by the President

Responsible for reviewing, evaluating and recommending SNR’s annual budget to the Board of Directors. Utilize the association’s strategic plan as a guide for vendor and service plans.

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