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Member FAQ

What is the deadline for membership renewal?
The membership renewal deadline is December 31, 2018. Members who pay dues after December 31, 2018 will be assessed a late fee of $100. If your dues are not paid in full by February 15th your membership will be terminated and accessed a reinstatement fee of $250. 

What are the REALTOR® dues for 2019?
When you join SNR, your dues cover three associations: Sierra Nevada REALTORS®, The Nevada REALTORS® Association and the National Association of REALTORS®. Please call our office at 775-885-7200 for full details of your dues assessment and benefits. 

What do I get for my dues?
Your membership provides with all the resources and services offered by SNR, Nevada REALTORS®, and NAR. For a list of what SNR furnishes for REALTORS® and the real estate profession with each member’s dues payment please contact us. 

When and how will I receive my membership dues notice?
You should have received a membership dues renewal notice via e-mail on or about October 29, 2018, as long as you have a valid e-mail address in the SNR database. 

When will online membership dues payment be available?
Online dues payments will be available on or about October 29, 2018 until midnight on December 31, 2019. After hours payment can be delivered by check or money order to our office at our after-hours mail drop box located to the left of our back doors and this is available to you 24/7. 

How do I pay my dues online?
Log into your member access by utilizing the “Member Portal” button at the top right corner of the website, www.SierraNevadaRealtors.org.   If you have trouble logging on, please delete the cookies from your web browser and try again. 

I have not received a membership dues notice (invoice) for my membership. How can I get one?
You should have received a membership dues notice via e-mail in October, as long as you have a valid e-mail address in the SNR database. If you have not received a membership dues notice, this could mean your e-mail address is not on file or it needs to be updated in the database. Please call SNR to notify us. 

How can I change my e-mail address, billing address or any other personal information that needs to be changed?
Please call SNR to or email us with the updated information. 

How do I get my login ID and password?
Your login ID is your IMS Logon ID or Member Number (NRDS#). If you do not have your password, call our office and we will forward your password to you.
If you do not have your password and your e-mail is not on file with SNR, please contact SNR.  

What credit cards are accepted for payment of dues?
VISA or MasterCard credit cards are accepted for payment of SNR dues. 

How can I pay my dues if I do not want to pay online?
You may pay your dues by check or money order either in our office or by mailing your dues to:
The Sierra Nevada REALTORS®, Inc., 300 S. Curry Street, Ste 3 Carson City, NV 89703. 

You may also call our office during regular hours and we can process your payment by phone. 

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