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RSAR and SNR - Restructure -

Why Now, What Makes Sense, When, 2023 Dues

Why Now….In 2008 the first conversation of merger took place. Out of those conversations, the Northern Nevada Regional MLS was created and both Associations converted from a for profit tax status to a 501(c)6 not-for-profit tax status and continued as separate entities.

In 2018, the second conversation of merger took place, but it just didn’t feel right.

In 2022, after COVID, and the continued DOJ lawsuits, it was clear our industry is at the precipice of change. .


The Sierra Nevada Executive Team came to the RSAR Executive Team to discuss how the two organizations could better adapt to the new industry.  After discussion the two Teams realized united, we’re stronger.  They wanted to explore moving forward together. -The goal - take the best of both entities and create a stronger, more sustainable Association.


What Makes Sense…The two Executive teams wanted to look at what makes the most sense under a restructure that will keep the best of both entities while creating the least amount of disruption to our members while providing the most in benefits.


  • Keeping the Sierra Nevada REALTORS® name - The restructure consists of 6 counties (Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Storey, and Washoe *excluding the jurisdiction of Incline Village REALTORS®). Keeping Sierra Nevada REALTORS® as the association name, truly reflects an inclusive membership over a large area of Northwest Nevada and has geographic meaning to the consumer.


  • Keeping both locations - In order to continue to provide the best service to our members, keeping both locations to provide convenient access to lockboxes, store items, committee meetings, and education makes sense.


  • Keeping our legislative voice - Real estate and private property rights are under the highest of scrutiny. Combining years of experience with both legislative committees, PACs and staff will unite us into one powerful, united voice in our six counties.


  • Keeping our representation - Not only will the new board of directors consist of elected directors to represent all 6 Nevada counties, we will continue to have representation at the Nevada REALTORS® Board and an appointed NAR Director to sit on the National Board of Directors. (*currently only RSAR and LVR have NAR Directors)


  • Keeping our members' involvement - with members spanning six counties, representation from each county on the new board is a goal of both Executive Committees. This ensures that each county continues to bring their voice to the table for all meetings, Board and committees.


  • Keeping the power of numbers - By uniting, we will have the ability to negotiate third party contracts for lower rates resulting in more benefits to the members such as Inman (currently only available to RSAR), Forewarn, one statistics dashboard, and, coming soon, an online ethics filing process for you and your clients. Keeping dues low - Currently both associations have Primary/Secondary brokers, agents, and affiliates within each other's association. That means that members are paying twice for overlapping services. By restructuring we are saving our members hundreds of dollars every year.


  • Keeping the staff - Having a qualified, and familiar staff reassures our members that they will continue to be provided with the highest customer experience they have come to appreciate.

When…There are still a few more details that need to be handled before the restructure is official. Two groups have been created with members from both association board members, committee members and a few volunteers from the August 30th joint Membership Breakfast. Their goals will be to go through the combined financials, and the combined bylaws. Once those two key elements are approved by the Board, the final product will be provided to the entire membership. A final joint meeting of both Association members will be scheduled for one more vote. We expect to have everything in place by December 31, 2022.

Dues for 2023…RSAR and SNR will bill 2023 annual dues separately to our members in October. While we have reached out to our third party vendors for new quotes combining member numbers, third party contracts will not be renegotiated until after final approval of the new Sierra Nevada REALTORS® bylaws by both members.


We are excited about the restructure of SNR & RSAR into the New Sierra Nevada REALTORS®. Bookmark this page to insure you get the latest updates on this process. To submit your questions and comments, please contact Heather Lunsford, SNR CEO.

Library of Documents :

September 9, 2022: Why’s, What’s, When’s, PDF click here

September 5, 2022: Restructure Announcement Flyer, PDF click here

Video Library:

September 14, 2022: Special Message from RSAR and SNR President, click here

September 21, 2022: Special Message from RSAR and SNR President, click here

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